How to Download Cydia Cracked Apps

The latest numbers suggest the fact that at least one out of three iOS-based devices are jailbroken in the first day of existence. The majority of iOS users jailbreak their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch mostly because they want to have more options to customize their devices by installing cracked apps to their iOS devices. Besides, jailbreak users also want to change various features and functions, something that Apple does not allow to.

Despite many things that you can do with a jailbroken iOS device, the most attractive and interesting thing is the ability to download unlimited cracked apps. With the right Cydia sources, you can have access to a wide variety of apps and tweaks, completely free of charge.

Here, in this article, I want to show you step-by-step what you should do in order download cracked apps on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. In the same time, I want to show you some of the best Cydia sources for cracked apps. They are the best alternatives for the famous Installous. Just pick one and start searching for the best Cydia apps and tweaks.


Step 1: As I mentioned above, it is mandatory to jailbreak your device and make sure that the download Cydia store is installed in order to download and install cracked apps for free. This process might sound pretty complicated for some of you, but in fact, with the help of the right tool, it can be performed in less than 10 minutes, and with minimum of knowledge in this respect.

Step 2: Launch Cydia and click on Manage. Here, head over to Sources and tap on Edit. Here, you will be able to see the Add new source option. Tap on it, and a message box will pop up and ask for the Cydia source URL. This all depends on which apps you plan to download. Type in the address of the source and click on Add Source. As I mentioned above, I want to show you some of the best Installous alternatives you can add at this moment:


  • AppCake –
  • AppTrackr –
  • VShare –

Step 3: At this point, your device will start to verify the Cydia source you just entered. The verification process takes only a couple of moments and afterwards, you need to tap on Add Anyway and then Return to Cydia.

Step 4: now, with the repo added to your iOS device, back to the download Cydia store and tap on the respective source. A list of apps will appear, but you will have to look for the three mentioned above: AppCake, AppTrackr or vShare. Each one of these three alternatives offers their own variety of apps and tweaks. Click on the one you are interested in and tap on Install > Confirm. Now wait a few seconds and Return to Cydia. This is it. Reboot your device for changes to take place and after, you are able to download and install any cracked app you want. Keep in mind that the possibility to install cracked apps is only for those of you who want to try out the app before actually purchasing it.


Get Kik For PC Installed on Windows and Mac OS X

Kik has proven to be one of the best messenger apps for mobile phones, and this thing is strengthened by the high number of users who are part of this community. As a matter of fact, recently, Kik has managed to get over 1 billion active users. The service works solely through internet. There is no need for a phone number; you only need a working internet connection, username and password.

Being initially designed for smartphones user, now, Kik can easily be used on tablets and even personal computers. You heard right. You can install Kik for PC and use the application, in the same way as you are using it on your Smartphone. And you can even share the same account. However, all you need to do is to make use of the Android emulator, software that will allow you to install mobile apps on a computer.


This guide talks about Kik for PC, and it shows how you can install the software right on your computer. Even though there are various apps designed for instant messaging on a computer, it is worth making use of Kik mostly since it is simple and easy to use, and in the same time, it has become famous for photo and videos sharing, in-built browser or simple interface.

To install Kik for PC, you need to get the Android emulator. As I mentioned above, the emulator’s job is to connect your computer to all those mobile apps and games. In this case, you have the option to choose Bluestacks, one of the most famous Android emulators. People tend to choose Bluestacks mostly since it is simple to use, easy, and completely free of charge. Installing Bluestacks can turn out to be pretty simple, especially since all you need to do is to click on Install and wait until the program is installed on your computer.

Once you have the emulator installed, you can start searching for Kik. Use the Search button in the upper right corner and wait until the program displayed its results. Choose the first results because it is provided by Google Play Store. Click on Install. Wait a couple of minutes until the software is downloaded and installed.  This is it. Now, you can launch Kik for PC any time you want.

However before actually connecting to your friends and family using Kik, you will have to create an account or use the one that you used for the mobile version of the application. It is simple to create an account. You need to provide your internet address, choose a username and password. Keep in mind that through that username, people will find and add you to their friends list. Therefore, you should choose something suggestive and simple.

In the last part, I want to tell a couple of things about Kik for PC and Kik in general. The application can be used to chat with friends, to share picture and videos, audio recordings, and send unlimited text messages. And everything is completely free of charge. You do not pay to install the application, and you do not pay to use it.

Top Features For The Latest iPhone 5S

Apple is notoriously tight lipped about security, usually letting the glitz of its products do the talking (and also not needing to ask trouble). But in Cupertino at iPhone 5c launch event and this week’s iPhone 5s, security was one of the largest characteristics touted by the notoriously design-driven company. True, lots of the attention was focused on theintegrated fingerprint reader in the flagshipiPhone 5s, but with these new phones and the new iOS 7, Apple has doubled down on mobile security. Apple’s choice to contain a fingerprint reader in the iPhone 5s is creating lots of discussion, though not totally unexpected. Unlike other fingerprint readers, the iPhone 5s reads your prints in the house buttonwhich every iPhone user presses already. A sapphire lens lets the detector get a clear picture of an inner layer of skin, which Apple says gives it the greatest view of your loops, arches, and whorls.

Apple said fingerprint information would be encrypted and stored on its A7 chipnot on iCloud, and not shared with any third-party programs. Also, the Wall Street Journal reported that the iPhone 5s would not save pictures of your fingerprint, but rather “fingerprint data.”

A fingerprint reader that folks really use has the possibility to change how authentication works in all devices. It is also not unlikely that we’ll see other smartphone makers taking an interest in biometric authenticationthere’s already a device that uses your heart beat which then will encourage organizations like banks and retailers to adopt biometrics. If nothing else, it might get that sluggish 50 percent of iPhone users to at least lock their phones.

Thankfully, Apple doesn’t see fingerprints on the iPhone 5s as the be-all and end-all of authentication. The company told the Wall Street Journal that a particular passcode must be used to unlock a rebooted phone or a cellphone which hasn’t been unlocked for 48 hours.


Apple beat Android to the punch when it created Find My iPhone, a service that can track, lock, and wipe lost or stolen mobiles. It’s an absolutely must-have service for any iPhone user, and Apple is making it even better in iOS 7.

But the largest change is after you wipe your iOS device what occurs to it. At this time, wiping your device means ceding it to a robber, sans your data (unless you called your wireless provider first). Not too anymore. “Discover My iPhone can also continue to exhibit a custom message,” that is, flash on screen a message that you just write from another Internet-connected device via your iCloud account, “even after your device is erased,” according to Apple’s site. “And your Apple ID and password are required before anyone can reactivate it.”


How to Install and Use Whatsapp on Windows

These days, everybody heard about Whatsapp and its multiple benefits and features. The service has gathered more than 250 million active users and their number increases day by day. As most of you already know, Whatsapp is totally free to use but it requires an internet connection in order to send and receive messages. This is the only cost that Whatsapp will ask for.

With Whatsapp, users will be able to keep in touch with their friends from other countries, running on different carriers, and everything is free of charge. Within the first launch of Whatsapp, users will be required to provide a valid phone number that will be linked to their Gmail account in order to sync all contacts. Now, the good part is that the service can be used on a desktop computer. Whatsapp on PC is now possible with the help of Bluestacks.

The emulator’s job is to render access to all those great applications and tweaks, which are mostly meant for mobile devices. Now, with Bluestacks, you can download Whatsapp on PC, in less than 10 minutes and use it, as you use the mobile version. Everything is that simple as it might appear. However, in order to be able to use the service on a desktop computer, you need to download the emulator first.

Next, with the emulator installed and ready to be used on your computer, you can easily search for Whatsapp. Using the search bar, type down Whatsapp and search for the messaging service. Bluestacks will render you a couple of results, and you will have to choose the first one, since it is provided by Google Play store. The rest of the results are provided by other third-party stores.

Click on the install button and the emulator will download Whatsapp on PC and install the service on your Windows-based computer. Wait a couple of minutes until the service is installed and run it through Bluestacks. Keep in mind to always do this step, because it is the only way in which you can use Whatsapp on PC. Next, you will be required to configure the service.

For this, you will be required to provide a phone number. The number will put you in touch with your contacts, those saved on the respective SIM card. In order to sync contacts, you will have to link to your Gmail account. In what concerns the phone number, you need to provide a running number because Whatsapp will send you a verification code. That is all. You can now use Whatsapp on PC as you use it on your smartphone.


Key Features for Whatsapp on PC

– A completely free service that allows users to send and receive free instant messages from friends who use the same messaging platform;

– Share unlimited photos, videos, audio records and various files;

– Create Groups of friends;

– Send free smiley faces while chatting with your friends;

– Instant notifications when friends send you an instant message or other files;

Install BlueStacks to get Whatsapp for PC

Mobile messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Viber, Kik, or BlackBerry Messenger have recently gained a lot of popularity since more people are registering to at least one of these services. Their popularity depends on each region, each country, but what they have in common is the fact that do not run on a desktop computer such as Windows. This is officially because now, users are able to install Whatsapp on PC without any other problems.

The messenger service can easily be installed on PC by making use of the BlueStacks application. With this simple trick, you will be able to install Whatsapp for PC in no time, as well as other interesting and useful mobile apps. As a bonus, you will receive a touch-optimized interface, therefore; these apps will work actually pretty good on all touch-enabled Windows 8 devices as well as on a desktop computer.

whatsapp on pcAs I mentioned earlier, the first step is to install the BlueStacks on your computer. For those of you who do not know, BlueStacks is an Android emulator. Moreover, this is the best way to run Android based apps on Windows, without having to pay extra or to install additional emulators or apps.

As you can see, we talked about Android apps only. This is because Android apps are open as well as the operating system itself, which allows users to emulate Android apps on Windows. On the other hand, iPhone, or iOS apps will not be emulated to a desktop computer since Apple’ operating system is quite difficult to bypass.

Install Bluestacks and Add Whatsapp on PC

1. As you may imagine, the first step is to download BlueStacks and install it on your Windows PC.

2. Once the program is installed, just launch it, and click on the search icon at the top left corner of the Bluestacks application. Search for the mobile messaging app that you want to use, in this case, Whatsapp for PC. Once you click on the search icon, you will be notified regarding your Google account. First, you need to set up the account before you can start installing any apps. For this, use an existing Google account or set a new one. If you choose an existing one, you will be able to link it in order to get apps from there.

3. After this is over, just download and install Whatsapp on PC.

4. When Whatsapp is finished installing, click on the Home button at the bottom of the BlueStacks application. Here, you will be able to see all new installed apps at the top of the window. Just search for Whatsapp for Windows.

5. As expected, once you download Whatsapp for PC, you need to start the configuration process. For this, enter your phone number into the Whatsapp application and choose to continue. Here, just enter any kind of number you own.

6. Wait a couple of minutes until Whatsapp sends you a SMS message with a verification code. This might take up to five minutes.

Once you perform all those steps, you will be able to use the famous messaging service right on your desktop computer. It is simple and easy. As you may expect since it was not designed to run on a PC, when you install Whatsapp on Windows, you might experience various errors and problems.

Cute IPad 3 Cases for Children

Having an iPad merely to brag about is when it first arrived on the scene something which might have already been interesting.

We aren’t referring to touch screen protectors and sleeves now. We’re referring to bizarre and cute accessories for children and also you would not think of combination with iPad in the very first place. Let us mention few which have hit the marketplace recently.


How exactly to tear them from the newest console game and onto the field of pills? The old expression ‘never judge a book by it is cover’ could perhaps not be too clear in this instance. Maybe you are looking the finest ipad accessories most of the way,here lising three adorable cases for the children:

Even probably the most desired variety of cases has been advertised and sold in a comparatively low cost. You are able to receive a most favorite trend and only spare a few of the pocket money.  Even probably the most desired variety of the case has been advertised and sold in a comparatively low cost. You are able to receive a most favorite trend and only spare a few of the pocket money.  IPad 3 leather case.

You will find more thoughtful designs planned to eliminate every one of the potential unpleasantness which may arise from your use of a brand new iPad 3 adorable case. For instance, it requires no attempt to obtain a cover installed or removed.

All of the adorable Cases for IPad 3 are clad with the supple and lasting leather that’s of dependable quality and eye pleasing feel.  IPad In this manner, probably the most complete security is guaranteed for your fine pill and consequently it is possible to continually be sure of the sensation that iPad 3 is under appropriate protection.

IPhone 4 Cases ‘” Strategies for Finding The Top IPhone 4 Case!

17Once you own an apple iPhone 4 that appears so exceptional, and a lot of the folks purchase on such a foundation, so due to this they’re worried due to it over them treatment independently. That is why whatever apple iPhone 4 case you’ll to determine upon your iPhone, do not proceed just for that wonder and awesome factor together with the case but additionally examines the 100% security and safety of your brand-new iPhone 4.

You’ll discover a lot of the sort of cases purchased in business, to start with; to actually reach the stores to buy this protecting material, you should ensure of beneath invaluable details and provide them as thoughts to buy the appropriate situation for types gadget. The most famous cases well-known now are side cases, holsters, top cases, bags, skins, cover cases and much more. For any person who’s getting no hint for what sort of situation you desire and pick subsequently just browse on the web and evaluate disadvantages and associate applications of the kinds of cases. Each kind of situation appears to get its advantages, therefore group of your prone to entirely be established by anybody.

Consider the locations the area you bring your telephone. Some individuals slide them inside their wallets while they are stuck by other others inside their bags. But it is unpleasant to keep the apparatus permanently in the wallet.

Investigate and ask across the stuff it is constructed from. One of three fulfills particular standards; like it has to have the ability to guard your cellphone should it drop, actually ought to be water-resistant and it requires getting starting in every one of the locations wherever your iPhone 4 has plug-ins.

Next concern is the stuff the iPhone 4 case utilizes. Plastic cover and covering really supplies complete security and essentially in case your phone is often dropped by you quite often, but you should be certain the plastic is powerful. Plastic or plastic appear amazing and so are extremely slim, but supplying them within or out of your pocket is generally a weight. They typically end up in difficulty in your own wallet and also you’ll fight a whole lot to acquire them. Leather might well be one great alternative which offer some design also.

As well as any or all this, it truly is most preferable to buy in the shops which is often created for iPhones and iPhone add-ons to allow one to acquire first things with broader alternatives which is often powerful and lasting. But, if you cannot manage these branded high priced item, hunting on web

Last and not the very least buy cases which protect and therefore, before buying evaluate your appearance and complement your factor matches by utilizing it. Choose posh and glossy, when you’re slim then. In case you are butch, and then purchase so.

Consequently matter is the fact that as iPhone is undoubtedly a special investment choice, consequently favored technique as a way to manage is via apple iPhone 4 addresses that also provide an appeal towards your fashion. As an option to harmful it actually for that lowering of money, it’s best to cover one factor much more to guard your precious investment. Discover best iPhone 4 situation at small-, Make iPhone special!

Android versus IOS Improvement!

What’s Android?

Android is really a Linux-based operating system that’s created for your mobile devices like Smartphones and Tablets. It’s led by Yahoo; created by Open Mobile Alliance.

What’s iOS? Smartphone with cloud of application icons

IOS that was formerly referred to as iPhone OS is really a handheld os that’s created and written by Apple Inc. It was initially launched in 2007 for your ipod Touch and iPhone then it is extended to aid additional Apple products including the Apple TV and iPad. Apple doesn’t permit iOS for setup on non-Apple equipment, unlike Microsoft’s Windows CE (Windows Telephone) and Google’s Android.

Most people enjoy both mobile operating systems however there are some attributes of the both which makes each of these better from each additional. Beneath we’re likely to emphasize a few of them so that do you know what to anticipate whenever you are purchasing some of them both.

Android versus iOS:

1. Both os end up being fairly secure if we all discuss equilibrium. You’d scarcely have to reactivate your cellphone. Evidently, it might appear the apps aren’t correctly shut in Androids because they get lazy when reduced, the same occurs using the iOS also but overall, both os’s appears to be fairly secure as well as the balance certainly relies upon the kind of apps installed and then we are discussing  this point.

2. As soon as we discuss independence, it does not go together with the iOS since the Apple provides small carte-blanche to it is buyers to customize their mobile. This entails that designers are limited to everything; you will get the concept should you be not able to locate an iPhone application that could place a short-cut in your House screen to obtain the Wireless. Apple will not provide the event calls for programmers to manage this special support and a few additional fundamental attributes. To the flip side in Android you’ve got no such constraints and can-do many enjoyable things like establishing the mobile’s account setting on special manner in your preferred day and time. There’s also one software that’ll hold your phone revealed in the location you want to keep it unlocked simply by finding the Wi-Fi configurations. There isn’t any way you could try this using the iPhone. However, this independence does right options otherwise and have pricey applications an Android will give difficulty to you.

3. In terms of having the notifications in the iOS, it’s quite bothersome because just one popup window will be stifling whereas on Androids they’ll appear in an exceedingly methodical manner, within a point whatever you’d do. That could not disrupt you, and by readily pulling the peak of the display down, you may always check your notices. Apple has launched this service in their later versions however they took rather longer than Androids in this respect.

4. Both OS are similarly great but having another sense to one another as it pertains to intuitiveness. Everything is on its right spot which is a super smooth encounter to socialize together with all the other activities, menu and the software about it.

5. IOS possesses the marketplace in regards to the games and also the applications. They still have quite a distance to really go to meet up the very best iOS quality even though the Android marketplace is catching up but. But the majority of the amazing games aren’t free on iOS, aside from Angry Chicken. On the iTunes application stores, the apps could be adjusted by the programmer whereas on the Androids it is one way procedure to be accessible free for each day; the paid applications could be adjusted to free although maybe not another way round.


Therefore, what type to pick; Android or iOS? In either case, it’s excellent but now Android takes the show minutely when compared with the iOS. Even though the Android applications and games are getting up with the iOS but you may love to personalize you telephone; an Android could be the response to your own issue but you should not, then choose the iOS with its wonderful apps additionally, the apps are confined so that you cannot must face the problems of locating something wrong with your telephone.

IPhone vs. Android Battle Royale

Top Selled AppsWhich smart phone is better being the recurrent issue? Regardless how you answer this issue, fervent enthusiasts of the iPhone or even the Android phones will consistently attest to establish their favored smart-phone is greatest. This really resembles the Take Anywhere – QAW to create our purpose and get free items motion. One smart-phone isn’t actually much better compared to another but instead one of those picks is more suitable for your own requirements and budget. Having utilized both helps me determine what you need to think about when choosing a smartphone. Before selecting the next smart-phone, you need to keep reading this post to really help you particularly in the selection procedure.

The energetic iPhone family comprises the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S. These telephone numbers are supported in the large mobile systems of AT & amp; Verizon, T, and Run in addition to the others. The energetic Android family is bigger because Android is really a Linuxbased computer software Operating-system (OS) for mobile phones including tablet notebooks and smart phones. The Android OS is kept by Yahoo and also the Open Mobile Alliance. The present Android OS called Gingerbread operates on a broad number of handsets and other-devices.

The initial distinction between the iPhone and also the Android phones is the fact that the iPhone is closely controlled by Apple. In comparison, the Android phones come in a Wild west; open-source marketplace affected by Yahoo. Limited control leads to higher prices, exclusivity, and dependence upon Apple. The end outcome is the fact that the iPhone could be the phone that everybody wishing to become significant wishes. Please don’t misunderstand me; the iPhone is really a darn great phone that we relied upon for 3 years. Android phones in comparison are more versatile, easily use Gmail, and assistance new equipment characteristics that in writing are better compared to the iPhone. The equipment attribute differences aren’t sufficient to justify selecting an Android cellphone over an iPhone.

Within the 36 months of period with all the iPhone, there is one disappointment problem. One-day the iPhone 3GS merely stop while I had been driving utilizing the NAVIGATION feature. While I say just stop, I suggest that is expired so entirely that I really couldn’t actually create a 911 phone. I got an extremely old Blackberry mobile that’s not operating upon which I will make a 911 phone today if desired. There’s probably a National regulation or FCC judgment that will require all handsets to constantly call 911 regardless of what has occurred for them. The sole explanation for not calling 911 is just a dead battery with no available electricity. Apple changed the telephone without cost.

Two additional iPhone findings are there is a death grip with all the 4 that triggered calls to fall and the battery aren’t exchangeable by an individual. The very first problem is resolved by your hand that is separated by an iPhone cover ever so slightly from your mobile.

The 2nd problem affects iPhone durability. Being unable to modify a battery implies that at some stage, you have to purchase a brand new iPhone. The battery is great for 2 or more years based upon use. All batteries create a memory that restricts the battery cost. This battery cost supports the procedure in standby mode, in info mode, in text messaging mode, or when speaking to the telephone. To keep the greatest battery life, the battery be completely released before it’s energized. Initially an iPhone might run for just two times without recharging with reasonable mobile use. As time passes, the telephone will require daily recharging. Older telephones frequently can’t run a complete evening. This might be answered using pricey outside batteries for an iPhone. No outside batteries have labored to my fulfillment. Keeping the battery is greatest. The brief battery life dilemma is resolved utilizing car chargers and taking an iPhone charger.

In comparison, the Samsung and Motorola Android telephones don’t get a death grip. Battery replacement is supported by both phones using another battery operating about $ 50. If you don’t connect with 4G support they’re light on energy consumption. These telephones eat power like soccer players eat meat when working with 4G support.

Apple’s IPhone 5 versus Samsung’s Galaxy S3

Smartphone-And-AppsThe complex and practical Galaxy S3 and the fashionable and simple to utilize iPhone 5, joined a constant battle for the name of the greatest smart-phone, since these were first launched.

Battling on being successful in both revenue and architectural excellence, Samsung and Apple worked to provide their clients clearer shows, and an OS that will enable consumers, to produce anything they’re able to envision.


In the right or left side of the wi-fi systems, iPhone 5 comes with the help for HSPA, ADVANTAGE, LTE and Bluetooth 4.0 amongst others, and Galaxy S3 with HSPA 21, National Football Conference, EDGE and Wi-Fi Direct. The iPhone has a 4inch Retina show, using a quality of 1136 x 640, and S3 has a 4.8inch SAMOLED screen, using a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. Both smartphones have 8MP cameras, offering pretty much identical 1080p movie recording and face-recognition characteristics.

A little distinction appears within the battery life, Galaxy having been said to supply more than ten hours of 3G talk-times, which is 2 hours more than the 8 hours which iPhone 5 should supply. Yet another change we could see within the nick utilized in both smart phones, the Apple A6 operating at 1.3 GHz dual-core, and also the Samsung with a quad core 1.4GHz Cortex -A9 CPU.


Samsung Galaxy S3 is among the best 5 smartphones on the planet. It gets the Wise Remain function, which understands once the user looks in the telephone, conserving battery life by switching the screen off, the S-Beam, enabling customers to place their telephones together next to one another to share multimedia documents, Best Picture, which automatically chooses the very best image out of 8 chance and also the Smart Alert, moving the telephone once individual details it following a span of time, to be able to advise that new calls or emails are skipped.

The iPhone includes fresh Siri voice-recognition application, AirPrint and Air-play for wifi connectivity to the Panorama view photo, the 3D Flyover manner within the Apple Routes and also various products.


Being among the largest businesses on the planet, Samsung has countless various accessories and products, which may be linked and went direct from your utilization of the Galaxy S3. From the digital pen to sophisticated headphones and billing docks developed from the same business, S3 customers have use of a whole store filled with innovative add-ons to enhance the consumer experience.

Even when Apple’s iPhone 5 comes with the Ear Pods, which are the new remodeled cans, along with the 8-pin connection, there are lots of accessories and gizmos that may be joined to the fashionable smart-phone, like the Nike Armband, Apple TELEVISION and others. You’ll locate lots of Smart-phone reviews on the web from where you are able to pick the mobile for you.


Following its release day, the Samsung Galaxy S3 was beginning at about $199 for the 16GB edition, but because over 4weeks have passed since that time, the cheaper edition could be purchased for just $99 on contract.

The 5 was only launched two or three days past, and also the price reaches $ 199 for 16GB.

I think, the champion must be announced iPhone 5 as its flexibility and simplicity are unparalleled in any cellphone, like the, Galaxy S3, that’s proving to become a competition for the champion.

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