Full Review for Springtomize 2 Tweak

Cydia Store is the main reason why most people choose to jailbreak their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The wide variety of free apps and tweaks that increase performance and power offers people the conviction to buy an iDevice and to start jailbreak. Here, I want to show you some main features for the well-known Springtomize Cydia jailbreak tweak. Its simple and easy-to-use interface is the main reason why people choose to spend $2.99 on it.

Main Features

Springtomize 2 represents a tweak formed by multiple smaller tweaks. It contains a wider variety of categories such as animations, capabilities, lock screen or icons. For example, users are able to change the basic animations, to add multitasking ones or to add different lock screens designs. With the help of Springtomize, you are able to change the way your device displays the weather, to change the background automatically and even to change the way your device unlocks.

springtomize 2The Time Machine feature allows you to store the existing set of options and features you use and to restore them later, once you get all your things back to normal. In this way, you will not lose anything. Another useful feature offered by Springtomize 2 is the fact that users are able to change and edit the status bar. If you want, you are able to customize even the name of your carrier. Add the word you like or the name you want. In the same time, you have the ability to customize the features of the clock while deciding whether to hide or to display the status bar.

In what concerns folder customization, you have many useful features available. For example, you can disable the animation that is played when you open a folder. In the same time, you can choose to hide the background of the respective folder while you hide the badges that display the number of applications in the folder. This might turn out to be quite useful for some of you, especially when you enjoy arranging all your Cydia apps and tweak within folders.

As a bottom line, if you decide to add this amazing tweak to your Cydia apps portfolio, you will be surprised to see how many other useful options this amazing tweak features. As I mentioned you earlier, Springtomize 2 costs only $2.99, but it is available also in a free trial version. I advise you to try it up to see if it is worth to be purchased. With a simple Cydia download, you will receive one of the best Cydia apps available.

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